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June 2017

Proprietor's report

Our Agronomist visited the course in May and was delighted with the condition of the course. He, like us, was pleased with the effectiveness of the drainage work undertaken on the 18th, 16th and 2nd greens. He was particularly pleased with the new grassy mound which replaces the greenside bunker on the 18th. He believes this is in keeping with the style of our Downland course.

He has suggested that we install a Huxley mat to replace the temporary mat on the 12th tee. This is like the mat at the front of the 1st tee and will provide a much better teeing surface this winter.  He has also suggested that we build a new winter tee parallel to the ladies tee to replace the temporary tee on the 6th hole. We will undertake both of these projects later in the year so they are ready for this winter’s season.

Our spring renovation work went very well with wonderful dry weather which helped us brush in the sand followed by wet weather which really got the grass growing and making the holes disappear. I know that this year’s renovation work was at the start of the week with the Bennett Cup, however the date was discussed with the men’s section last year. All such work is always a compromise between the sections as to what event is affected.

Things continue to move slowly regarding the improvement to our electricity supply. We have now agreed with UK Power network that they will lay a new cable across the “old croquet lawn” and into the Clubhouse. I am hopeful this work will be completed by the end of the year.

The longest day is just around the corner, so you can now play until 9.30 pm and as the course is looking great get out there and enjoy your golf.

Sally Haygarth

Green Keepers Report

Last week we carried out our spring renovations on the greens. We have spiked all the putting greens. On holes 2, 16 and 18 we spiked the greens twice instead of once. Two tonne of sand was applied to each green and then gently brushed in. This work is essential to provide a smooth fast and dry putting surface all year round.

All fairways have been fertilised this week, as you read this I am out on the fairways spraying for weeds. I hope you notice the improvement over the coming weeks on our fairways.

All tee boxes have been fertilised, top dressed and over seeded. The growth of grass is very pleasing and we have had some rain to help this process. All tee boxes are devoted weekly to help improve the grass sword.

We are half way through edging all 100 bunkers at Hill Barn. We only have 50 bunkers left to do.

All the work we have done last winter on the drainage has been extremely successful, we had a visit by our Agronomist, his report made for great reading and makes all the hard work worth it. We have plans in the pipeline to build new winter tee boxes on the 6th and 12th tees, we plan to get these in play for this winter.

Recently we purchased a brand new Toro Greensmaster machine, these 11 bladed greens cutter will cut much more finely and will leave less grass on the putting surface after cutting.

Now that we have finished our Spring maintenance program on the greens, we will be regularly using the green’s iron on all the greens. This will iron out any inconsistencies and will greatly improve the speed of the playing surface.

Please may all golfers try to remember to use the divot boxes on the par 3 tees.

Until next time,
Andy Paynter

News from the Academy

What kind of putter are you?

It’s as true on the putting green as anywhere else: “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”. On the green, however, the shortest route isn’t always the best one.

Most putts of three feet or more in length have at least a little break (curve) to the right or left, which must be accounted for when deciding where to aim and how hard to hit the ball.

There are two schools of thought on how to handle breaking putts. One method is to stroke the ball gently so that it “dies” in the hole, which requires playing the maximum amount of break. The other is to hit the ball harder and more directly at the hole, eliminating some or all of the break.

Both tactics have plusses and minuses. Dying your putts requires a delicate touch and refined green-reading skills. Charging putts, you run the risk of running well past the hole on a miss.

I appreciate every green is different and every putt you face has a different break and speed required. You could also argue that the condition of the greens make a huge difference as to how you play the putt, of which I agree.

Well… here we are again in June 2017 and Andy and the green keeping staff have and will continue for the next few months produce wonderful putting surfaces for us to practise and play on. They may not be the quickest you have ever putted on but my question to you again “What kind of putter are you?”

Are you in my category which is always allow for lots of break and die it in on the edge (mainly because I detest 3 putting). Or are you in the category of straight and firm rules the day?

Either way make sure you know standing over your putt “what” you are going to do! Don’t walk away and saying “I knew I should have hit that harder” or “I knew there was more break in that putt”

Be confident in your choice and execute the putt!

David Fluke
Hill Barn – Club Professional Team

News from the pro shop


The golf season is well under way and this glorious sunshine is making us all get in the mood to play golf. Congratulations to all who qualified in for the club championships. Also a special mention to the winner of the Bennett Cup who was Matt Bourne with an impressive Nett 64.

The winner of the May Medal was Lathaen Baylis, congratulations to Lathaen who qualifies to play with myself at Walton Heath in July in the Lombard Trophy.

Hopefully most golfers here at Hill Barn are getting used to the new booking system and its features.  If you are unsure how to use the new system or would like a demo please pop into the shop and I will be happy to show you how to use them.  I have included a few notes below which may help you get used to the new features.

It came as no surprise in the news recently when Rory McIlroy announced a new equipment contract with Taylor Made Golf. Rory will now be using a full bag of Taylor Made Equipment and golf balls in all tournaments he plays in.

There has been much talk in the golf world about the new golf ball Taylor Made have released.  The TP5 ball available in two separate models promises much more distance and better feel than any other golf ball, this five-piece golf ball is available at Hill Barn Golf Club priced at £42.99 per dozen I would fully recommend trying some of these golf balls as their performance is much superior than any other golf ball available.
Between the TP5x and the TP5, the TP5x gives a high launch and low spin for extremely long distance on all shots. It sports a Compression Rating of 90.  You will notice the TP5x is slightly firmer. Please feel free to come into the shop and I will find the best ball to support and improve your golf.

We have included a few useful tips which may be of help. The booking system has benefits such as being able to cancel bookings, top up and view your levy card balance and also view your flexi points and top up if required.
We have included a few useful tips which may be of help. The booking system has benefits such as being able to cancel bookings, top up and view your levy card balance and also view your flexi points and top up if required.
When you click on the booking history option you can see all your bookings for rounds of golf. You can view historic and future bookings made.  Also now on the right of the screen you can cancel bookings.
After clicking on make a purchase you will be able to select between making a top up on your levy card or adding points to your flexi membership account.
If you wish to top up your levy card please select the amount you wish to top up by
Current flexi members will be able to top up their levy account and view their current points. Please be aware that points for future booked games of golf will have already been debited from your account.

Steven Wilford
Retail Manager


And finally......